It’s hard to imagine a world that is free of chemicals, free of toxins and invisible ingredients that can be harmful. And yet, the earth just a few hundred years ago was still almost entirely pure and not yet disturbed by the industrial pollution is it today.

That’s a reality we have to live with, and we as humans trying to find a harmony with this planet need to contend with what has happened to our beautiful tainted home. But we shouldn’t also be forced to buy products for eating, bathing, and cosmetics that also are polluted with synthetics and man made chemicals. But we are.

Go to any grocery or drug store and try to find one shampoo, shower gel, or conditioner that does not contain chemicals, you will leave empty handed. This was my habit for the last three years, after learning about the “dirty dozen”, how the cosmetic industry would rather use numbing agents in baby soap than remove the chemicals that tests had shown caused the babies pain when it went in their eyes.

Even in the European Union where I currently live, and over 1,328 different chemicals & ingredients are forbidden from being sold in products (compared to just 11 in the US) it’s not possible here to find a shampoo that doesn’t contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). And that deeply troubles me because even if SLS causes only minor irritation or dryness to my skin, I know it’s just the canary in the coal mine – a warning sign that all those other ingredients with big long strange names that give no indication of being even 2 steps away from being a plant fruit or vegetable, could be dangerous. It’s as if we, people in modern civilization are just lab animals paying to be a part of some horrible experiment to see what the dangers exist from applying some product to our skin on a regular basis.

Shampoo doesn’t need to be dangerous, or mysterious. Shampoo is a variation of soap. And soap only needs to have oil water and alkaline. The forms of soap were plant oils and ash. Today our soaps look nothing like the original formulas, and I believe they have gotten unnecessarily far off the path.

Here at Pure Rescue, we’re bring you all natural products, with ingredients that are simple to understand, with names your recognize like “berry” and “apple”. Instead of going down the cheap and synthetic path that the big cosmetic companies have taken, we’ll source out ingredients that came straight from the earth in a fair, environmentally, economically, and sustainable way.

And to prove we put our money where our mouth is, we’ll give $1 of every purchase to projects that foster reforestation, economic rehabilitation in third world countries, guaranteeing that not only will we make you feel safe, healthy, and happy when you wash and care for your body, but the world and our fellow humans, plants, and animals will too.